Writer  –Jean Cocteau (in a version by Daniel Raggett)
Director- Daniel Raggett
Set & Costume Design – Sarah Beaton
Lighting Design – Jessica Hung Han Yun
Sound Design - Mike Winship
Design Assistant – Hugo Aguirre

“More radically, Sarah Beaton’s set design reconceives the audience’s relationship to the woman. She is in a self-enclosed space – a startlingly realist living room – sealed up in the middle of the auditorium. She is visible through its windows and audible through our headsets. The room’s disarray – its plates, strewn bedding and Dr Pepper cans – reflects her inner unravelling.

This staging positions the audience as eavesdropping voyeurs to her suicidal despair and heightens her isolation: she is apart from the audience, pressing up against the windows occasionally but pacing inside for the most part, chain-smoking, swallowing back tears to save her lover from his guilt (“I feel really brave”) but dissolving uncontrollably when he can’t hear her."

– The Guardian