SOLD was the winner of the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award and Media Award for best play. Sarah was also commended for her design by the Edinburgh Emerging Artists

Director - Catherine Alexander
Set and Costume Designer - Sarah Beaton
Lighting Designer - Gareth Wide
Video Designer - Douglas Green
Sound Designers - Pete Malkin and James Nicholson

"The production is visually and conceptually superb... this is highly intelligent, informed theatre which does not patronize or preach. This is brutal, without being offensive. SOLD demonstrates that we do not have to choose between theatre and socio-political engagement, between artistic success and dignity.” - EdFringeReview

“This mesmerising piece pulls the wool from our eyes... Go and see this and be moved to action.” - Three Weeks

“Fast paced and engaging throughout, SOLD is a bombardment of the senses.” - Edinburgh Evening News 

“From a theatrical perspective the play is thrilling, captivating and absolutely terrific...Multiple plot-lines weave quickly in and out of each other constantly demanding the audience’s attention...the gripping performances are unsettlingly realistic and honest...The simple yet versatile design means that all attention is directed towards the characters, their stories and their voices. The use of multimedia in the play is also very effective – at some times subtle and unsettling, at other times shocking and frightening.”  - Traffick Report