MUM by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Director – Abigail Graham
Set and Costume Designer- Sarah Beaton
Lighting Design – Sally Ferguson
Sound– Anna Clock
Movement Director -Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster

"Abigail Graham's fast and furious production is played out under a constantly rotating giant cloud mobile that initially looks comforting but becomes more and more like a mockery of Nina's increasingly fractured state.." - WhatsOnStage

"They play on a stage designed by Sarah Beaton which is more of a play pen, a playroom carpet on the floor and a huge nursery mobile rotating above our heads. The suspended Perspex clouds reflecting ally Ferguson’s lighting design so beams of blue light creep across the audience- making me think of ambulance sirens played out silently and in slow motion."- Exeunt

"An outsize mobile dominates the gloomy space of Sarah Beaton’s set design and as it turns, Sally Ferguson’s carefully poised lighting casts shadows on the wall that become increasingly hallucinatory." - There Ought To Be Clowns