Performer - Robbie Bowman
Director - Sinéad Rushe
Set and Costume Designer - Sarah Beaton
Lighting Designer - Katy Stephenson
Sound Designer - Roland Melia

“Bowman's performance graces an ingeniously simple set, created from found objects costing little, yet transformed by imaginative ingenuity to serve as a one-room hovel contained on a small square, at centre-stage. The set & scenery designed by Sarah Beaton, discards reality & focusses our attention on the dramatic relevance of the story. Painted pallets form the bare boards of Poprischin's 'bed-sit' floor but later those pallets are dynamically wrenched up by Bowman to build the walls of Poprishchin's asylum. This is 'theatre magic' in which realism is not required for conveying the reality of the play & it soon immerses its audience in an emotional & psychological exploration.” - Remote Goat

“The production design is simple but beautiful. The packing crates, and scant piles of books and newspapers establish the reluctant, slovenly poverty of the character and situation well” - Edinburgh Spotlight

“Under Sinead Rushe’s direction, the staging is imaginative; the pallets conceal a variety of plot-advancing treasures, and when broken up towards the end of the piece, form a chillingly effective cell.” - British Theatre Guide